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Crafting for mental wellness

Wellness is described as the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

​Crafting gently keeps the mind active and encourages you to try new things in a safe, low-stress environment of a project chosen for pleasure. Repetitive movements, such as crocheting, induces a relaxed state, similar to yoga or meditation. The repetitiveness helps keep the mind calm and distracts the brain from the numerous negative messages that we tell ourselves everyday.

By keeping your hands busy you reduce anxiety because you are focused on your project not your problems or perceived problems. (Most problems are a result of your thoughts not facts, but that is a post for another day 😁)

Did you know that fibre crafts are shown to improve Alzheimer's disease, insomnia, depression, anorexia and was prescribed to WWI soldiers to helped with PTSD?

The colours and textures are pleasing to the senses and a finishing a project has great benefits:

  • a boost of pride

  • a connection with tradition

  • increased self-confidence

  • improves ability to problem solve

  • encourages your sense of perseverance

  • & your belief that you can achieve your goals

Life is a lot like fibre arts. It is a journey of twists and turns, full of life lessons, character building exercises and there is beauty watching it grow and unfold.

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