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10 seconds of courage

One night as I was driving home from a friends house I decided to listen to a podcast and the episode Ten Seconds of Courage by Bonnie Christine started to play. I turned on my heated seats (because Saskatchewan is cold) and I started my trek home scanning the ditches for wildlife and setting my attention to learn something new.

This episode ( really stirred something up in me. I thought about all the accomplishments that I have had in my life and how they were achieved. And it was those first brave steps that led me to some wonderful experiences and opportunites that would have never happened if I didn't choose to take a brave step forward.

You should really invest 20 minutes and listen to the podcast. Think about your brave first steps, and perhaps what is a brave step that you need to take right now in your life?

I created a Vision Board for 2023 and on it I put the words "10 seconds of courage". These words have come to my mind repeated this year, and I have used them to make some amazing contacts, and move forward to something else on my Vision Board. That is to work from home.

So last week I used my 10 seconds of courage and I resigned from my full-time job and I am going to be working from home - I'll be sharing more of what that looks like soon. I will be done at the end of the month and I am so excited for the next steps in this journey.

To be continued............

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